How many people can play?

Our escape rooms are designed for teams of 2-7 people

Is there an age limit?

Ages between 8-105 can enjoy the activities of “Trapped In Limassol”. Kids under 13 will be supervised from inside the escape room with our game masters

What’s the ranking of difficulty?

Each room has different degrees of difficulty (1-10). Please check each room’s description

Can claustrophobic players participate?

This is not an issue because our rooms are 25-30 square meters, big enough for people with claustrophobia so they can enjoy the activities.

How long does a game last?

You have 60 minutes to escape from the room.

How much does it cost?

2 Persons (25€/person) = 50€

3 Persons (20€/person) = 60€

4 Persons (17€/ person) = 68€

5 Persons (16€/ person) = 80€

6 Persons (15€/person) = 90€

7 Persons (14€/person) = 98€

How can we make a reservation?

Through our website or call us(25100044 – 95515002) to find out about the available days/hours

What are the working days/hours?

Trapped in Limassol is open Tuesday – Friday ( Closed on Mondays )

You can find the available hours, from the each rooms reservation system.

For any inquiries please call us at 25–100044 or through the form below and and we’ll get back to you soon.

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